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What kind of Babies I make?

I make several types of Babies stuffed with EITHER sheep wool, soft silicon granulate and glass beads OR polyester fibre and glass beads.

    • Froggy Babies - 14" / 35 cm - very soft silicon granulate, sheep wool, plastic joints, glass beads
    • Monkey Babies - 15" / 39 cm - no joints, sheep wool, good for small children
  • Dindy Babies - 16"  / 41 cm - no plastic joints, limbs are sewn on, stuffed with polyester fibre (washable), weighted with soft silicon granulate hidden in double safety sack. 

More Info + Price

All Babies come with clothing and a dummy (or without a dummy). I use natural and local (European) materials where possible. The skin is cotton jersey in very high quality from Switzerland or Czech Republic. The baby will come with reversible romper, reversible t-shirt (or overall), hat and 2 cotton diapers, cotton jersey on one side and cotton velvet on the other and crochet shoes.

Froggy Babies are not clasical waldorf baby - they are stuffed with very soft silicon granulate, glass beads and wool to have feeling like a real baby. Of course it can be stuffed only with sheep wool. They are weighted with glass beads and due to soft silicon granulate feels very cudly and softy like real baby in your arms. Head is made in my own style and is in very well quality and durability. Faces are embroidered with cotton thread, the cheeks coloured with wax crayon. The legs and arms are jointed with plastic joints and secured with a thread.

Monkey Babies have body and limbs made from cotton sherpa, a hood with ears that comes off but is sewn in neck not to be lost and curly tail. They are stuffed with sheep wool or polyester fibre if you like it more.

Dindy Babies - their limbs are sewn on, stuffing is polyester fibre or sheep wool (more money little bit) and it is weighted with soft silicon granulate or glass beads. 

What can you choose:

  • hair color (blonde, black, brown or ginger - or sweet babyish bald head)
  • eyes color (light blue, dark blue, brown, black, green)
  • clothes color and style (reversible clothes or overall, t-shirt, 2 diapers, crochet shoes)


  • 14" Froggy baby including clothes - 180 dollars - custom order
  • 16" Dindy Baby including clothes - 215 dollars - custom order
  • Monkey baby - 132 dollars
  • extra outfit - 20-25 dollars

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