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Dolls 16" 

Dolls 18" - 19" 

Dolls 20" - 26" 

More Info + Price:

I use natural and local (European) materials where possible. The skin is cotton jersey in very high quality from Switzerland or Czech Republic. The doll´s head is sculpted in the traditional Waldorf style with my own special method to be sure the head wil keep nicely shape for many years. Its facial features are hand embroidered. Each and every Doll I make is unique and handmade.  

All dolls are hand crafted from the best all natural materials made in Europe. 

  • Body - 100% cotton knit skin, stuffed with clean carded sheep wool, weighted with glass beads.
  • Dolls 20"-26" have sculpted face with felt needle
  • Hair: Many options - mohair yarn, mohair weft, etc. Will be discussed.
  • Eyes: Embroidered with cotton thread. Pick any color.
  • Features: Innie or outie belly button and embroidered heart
  • Clothing: will be discussed. Just let me know what interests you.

When your doll is complete I will send you pictures and post it immediatelly after your final OK.


Price depends on what you choose to make. You can choose almost everything you can imagine :-).

Dolls 16" - price starts on US $215 

Dolls 18" - 19" - price starts on US $260

Dolls 20" - 26" - price starts on US $320

Dolls "right to go" are usually little bit cheaper.

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