Custom order

I will be happy to make special Doll or Baby just for you.

Each custom Doll/Baby is handcrafted with the highest attention to quality and details, using the finest of natural fibers made in Europe. The Dolls/Babies head is sculpted in the traditional Waldorf style with my own special method to be sure the head wil keep nice shape for many years.  Its facial features are hand embroidered. Each and every Doll/Baby I make is unique and handmade. 

Please fill in custom order Form below. 

I can make you custom Toys too - in that case send me a message about your ideas. 

Please give me 4-8 weeks to create your personal treasure. When your doll is complete I will send you pictures and send the doll immediatelly after your final OK.

Price for Baby Doll Custom Order 

  • 14" Froggy baby including clothes - 180 dollars - custom order
  • 16" Dindy Baby including clothes - 215 dollars - custom order
  • Monkey baby - 132 dollars
  • extra outfit - 20-25 dollars

Price for Doll Custom Order

Price depends on what you choose to make. You can choose almost everything you can imagine :-).

Dolls 16" - price starts on US $215

Dolls 18" - 19" - price starts on US $260

Dolls 20" - 26" - price starts on US $320

I accept Payment Plan. Just send me a message and we will find a solution.

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